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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Metallica is in town and I am at home! Darn..

The 'otai' metal band and one of my favorite band of all time, Metallica made their first ever show here in Kuala Lumpur, 21st August 2013. The organizer, Galaxy and LAMC Productions finally managed to bring the metal gods to Asia. Why am I not there? Because I will be going for the Singapore show on the 24th August. Why? Why not KL? Well, here's the story. It was first unveil at Singapore on the 24th August. So I bought the tickets and a week later, more venues were unveil.. Malaysia and Indonesia. Well, tempted to go to the KL show but the prices were too expensive. Might as well just go to either one, it will be the same setlist, I assume.. Huhuhu..

Can't wait for this Saturday.. Singapore! HERE I COME!!

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